Dear traveler,

Both, Germany and Peru, are important for us, from our origin and because we have choosed the german-peruvian relations as our operating environment.

One of our activities is comunication, which was beginning with the monthly magazine «Peru-Spiegel / Espejo del Perú» and continue with the websites Peru-Spiegel, Espejo del Peru, deutsch-peruanisch, peruano-aleman, Artwork Peru, Deutsch in aller Welt and the newsletter «Peru-Spiegel-Mail» in german and spanish.

Our other activity is tourism. And Peru has excepcional attractions. The rich historie, very variables landscapes with immense diversity of plants and animals, originally preserved ecological sistems and only sparsely populated areas ensure impressive, fascinating experience.

We offer you our services for prepare, organize and execute trips to Peru and we will do all to satisfy yours desires and expectations. We know the mentality from germans and from peruvians.

The offered round trips may be accomodatet to your personel request.

We like to help you to enjoy en comfortable, unforgettable trip to Peru.

«Peru Travel World» is brand name of our travel agency Inka-Reisen SAC situated in Lima, Peru.


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Erwin Dopf, Laura Scarsi de Dopf, Erika Dopf, Claudia Dopf


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